Canton Ticino and ESG investments: a sustainable story

Canton Ticino and ESG investments: a sustainable story

OLIVER CAMPONOVO TICINO – ESG sustainable investments got a foothold in the Swiss region Canton Ticino. But what are they exactly?

ESG investments are all those investments towards companies that support ecological and/or social causes. The financial analyst and investor Oliver Camponovo spent much time studying this type of investment. Nowadays even the region where he grew up, Canton Ticino, stands out among the Italian regions nearby for its effort in sustainability.

The advantages of ESG investments

To cut a long story short, it is a non zero sum game. Let’s pretend that we are an investor who wants to put a certain capital on a promising company. What we want to happen is that the firm has a growth in a reasonable period of time. But what if we can take into account another factor as important as the others?

The third protagonist to add in the scene is the positive impact on the environment or the society. This newcomer allows us to take advantage of new methods to invest our money: for example we could use the green bonds, which are titles used only for ESG initiatives in the EU. This is how ESG investments are gaining more and more success and they will have a great opportunity in Ticino’s companies.

Canton Ticino and ESG investments: a new role model

Bocconi University and SUPSI institute conducted the “Interreg-SMART” project. They collected enough data to affirm that there are more sustainable initiatives in Canton Ticino than in the Italian provinces of Como and Lecco. A piece of news that supports who believes in ESG investments and makes locals proud of their region, both categories which Oliver Camponovo belongs to.

The goal achieved by Canton Ticino is certainly great, but it still represents a single step into a long path. Now we surely have a solid basis for allowing companies to and investors to improve the environment through ESG investments.

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