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Looking at economic and financial issues demands a deep knowledge about these topics and their tools. It could even be impossible to understand a publication of this sector if we must first cope with the basics of economics. Although a comprehensive knowledge is important, it could still not be enough for professionals if they don’t come with the desire to learn. This is the reason for this section on Oliver Camponovo’s website.

Looking for news that could change the way we perceive the world in the future: that is the purpose for collecting these publications. These articles can offer you new interpretations about financial and economic issues. Continuing to pursue new inspirations to reshape our point of view is one of the main habits we should maintain.

Inflation is coming: protecting cash and deposits
published: 06 April 2021 It is likely that global economies will soon...
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Oliver Camponovo: Four megatrends that will transform the world
published: 03 November 2021 Economist John Kenneth Galbraith joked:...
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Switzerland’s tax handling of cryptocurrency
published: 09 February 2022 TAX HANDLING CRYPTOCURRENCY –...
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Discovering meme tokens with Oliver Camponovo
published: 16 December 2021 MEME TOKEN OLIVER CAMPONOVO – In recent...
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Oliver Camponovo: The following Century will belong to Asia
published: 29 November 2021 That a region that in 2000 only...
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Analysis of the future of finance and blockchain with Oliver Camponovo
published: 15 November 2021 By next year, it is expected that 80...
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Is the hype about Metaverse for business worth it? This is Oliver Camponovo
published: 10 November 2021 Metaverse can be thought of as a...
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Oliver Camponovo: Inflation is rampant, and the SNB is dozing off
published: 20 October 2021 Every day, more terrible news about rising...
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Oliver Camponovo: Banking and Fintech Trends for 2022
published: 16 Semptember 2021 Decentralized finance is a popular...
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Covid Market Implications
An analysis of our April/ Mai 2020 Ideas and Forecast – The way...
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